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Jag är en flicka som bor i ett träsk i norra sverige. Jag är en flicka som gillar att synas, men inte att höras. Jag är en flicka som drömmer om att jobba som journalist i världen nånstans. Kina kanske?

juli 03, 2007

Hej, jag försökte just lägga till en historia på mitt account på TDP, men av någon anledning så acsepterades den inte. Jag undrar hur den kan bryta mot några regler, så jag tänker publicera den här istället och om någon kommer på varför jag inte frå publicera den så kan jag ju få veta det...

Ellie woke up a sunny morning and looked out through the window. Behind her was her unmade bed emty as always and she just couldn't think of another way to her life to be.

She heard a sound that told her that her parents had woke up and that her father soon would come to wake her up, and sha hated it! Sh hated her parents with a passion as strong as her passion to paint. They had always hated her passion for art and they wanted her to become a doctor instead, well not her mother but she never stood up against her father.
She quick got dressed and sneaked down the stairs to the kitchen, it was empty. Quick she tok a sandwitch from the fridge that she had prepared the night before and then she quietley got out through the door.

While she was walking down the street with music in her ears she looked down in the street and didn't saw the girl coming running until it was to late and they run into eatchother.
"Shit, are you okay?" The girl asked and quickley stood up, gave ellie her hand to help her up.
Ellie just looked at the girls hand with confused look all over her face. Then she came to think of rthat the singer from Something Corporate still sang in her head and she quick took out the headphones from her ears.
"I'm s-sorry, I should had ceapt out of your way", Ellie mumbled and stood up without taking the girls hand. "I hope that you didn't got hurt or something..."
"Its okay, how are you?" The girl asked and tryed to get eyecontact with Elie wh just ceapt avoiding her eyes.
"Fine", Ellie said and looked shyley quick up in the other girls eyes, before she turnd away and blushed.
Another thing that her parents hated, she had never been dating any boy and they had started to suspect what she always had knew, she just didn't like boys. Sha liked girls and the girl infront of her was beautiful, she was amasing.
"I'm Sarah", the girl said gave Ellie the bigest smile. "Whats your name?"
"My parent have a café just around the corner, let me invite you to breakfast", she said smiling and started to lead Ellie to from where she had been running.
"N-no, I have breakfast with me and..." Ellie tryed but got inturuped.
"No you don't, When I ran into you you dropped it out on the road, I'm sorry", Sarah said and pointed on the squashed sandwitch out in the trafic.
Ellie let Sarah lead her to a café in french 18 sentury style and sat her down in a nice armchair under a parasol.
"What do you want to eat?" She asked and sat down on the other side of the round table.
"I d-don't konw..."
"Well, what about a baguette with strawberry jam and a cup of black coffee or hot chocolate?" Sarah asked and before Ellie could say anything a waiter came to the table and Sarah started to talk quick french to him.
After a while he noded and went away and Sarah turned back to Ellie and smiled warmly.
"Its on the house."

When the school day was over Ellie went to the mall and when she went out from a record store she saw in a café that Sarah sat with another girl and she loked upset. Ellie hided behind a big potted plant and looked at them.
It looked like the girl gave Sarah bad news because Sarah stood up and slaped the girl before going away from the café and right towards where Ellie hided.
Ellie had just time to turn away from the scene before Sarah got her eyes on her.
"Hi", she said and smiled towards Ellie, but the tears in her face showed that sha was upset.
"H-hi, what have happened?" Ellie asked and before she knew it Sarah huged her.
"Can we go somewhere?" She asked.
They sat down on another café and Sarah told Ellie all about her ex-girlfriend and how she had dumped her for a guy.

Ellie was nervous when she and Sarah went up to the door to her own home, they was going to tell her parents about their relationship and when Sarah hade rang on the doorbell there was no turning back.
Both her mother and her father stood in the door, he looked at them with disguts, he looked at their hand. She had known that holding hands would be to mutch for him, but Sarah had insisted.
Ellie looked at her mother, she was crying and Ellie knew that when they had walked away her father would take out his anger on her mother, she hoped that he wouldn't hurt her like he always did...
"Hi Mr and Mrs Davis, I'm Sarah Decorte..." Sarah begun but this time it was Ellie who inturuped her.
"This is my girlfriend", she looked at her father adr his face turned red as he became more and more angry.
"You... You! You never come back to my house!! Go!" He screamed so high that the neighbours woke up and lights was turned on in the houses around.
Then he slamed the door in their face.
After a while the door was opened and her mother was standing there.
"How could you do this to us, to your father? You know that we don't accept this sort of behavour", she said with her always so sad voice and eyes. "Wright down where I should send your stuff and don't ever come back to this house, is that understood?"
Ellie nodded and wrote down Sarahs addres but before her mom had time to close the door Sarah put a foot in the way.
"How dare you to do this?" She asked angrily. "Ellie is your own daughter, your only daughter, dosn't she means anythig for you?"
Ellie looked at her mother and her mother looked at her, then she turned back to Sarah and smiled a hurtful smile.
"I don't have a daughter, not anymore."

the end

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